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October: 10th Annual Fall Lecture Series - Sonoma Community Center.  
10/9: Accepting the Unacceptable
10/16: Moving Beyond the Unacceptable 
More info in left column - above Richard Dolan’s don’t miss “UFO Cover-Up” video.

Recent Events ⧪ 
September: UFOJim on the Radio - two times to catch UFO updates on !
Local: 9/5 Ken Brown, “Hello Neighbotr” KSVY 91.3 & streaming on the web - 2PM.
National: 9/5 Monique Lessan, Revotution Radio - Studio A - 6PM PT. 

6/14/28: UFOJim at IONS for Friendly Favors - Hollywood & UFOs.  Earthrise at IONS Campus, Edgar Mitchell’s center in Petaluma

3/24/18 8th annual UFO Symposium at the Sonoma Interntional Film Fest: “Nukes, Aliens and the USAF” Documentary “UFOs and Nukes: 
The Secret Link Revealed” featured Dr. 
Patrick McDonough, Dr. Robert Jacobs, former Air Force personnel, along with  a disclosure update from Stephen Bassett (Paradigm Research Group)

1/28/18  8-10PM - Sacred Matrix/Revolution Radio with Janet & Dr Sasha Lessin. 

11/6/17: 9th Year: UFO Lecture Series Sonoma Community Center 11/6, 7-9PM 
With the 40th anniversary of Spielberg’s Close Encounters, UFO went deep into unexplained topics covered in the film.
11/6/17 Planet Serpo - Human/Alien Exchange Program. Live with researcher and author Len Kasten - “Secret Journey to Planet Serpo - A true story of interplanetary travel.”

10/23/17: 9th Year @ SCC: Bermuda Triangle & ETs - with Bruce Gernon, co-author of “The Fog,” “Beyond the Bermuda Triangle.”

9/27/17: 330PM UFOJim live on KSVY.

7/12/17 8-10AM PDT: UFOJim on Inception Radio Network with host Lorien Fenton on California MUFON Radio. Listen live to this popular web program (click on the red play button). 2 hours of Roswell and Hollywood & UFOs.

MUFON Sacramento at Coco’s, Citrus Heights.
5/27/17 4-6PM Roswell
6/24/17 4-6PM Hollywood & UFOs

5/2/17 Internet Radio - an in-depth conversation on Devine Paradigm.

’17 Sonoma International Film Fest celebrated UFOJim’s 7th annual UFO Symposium. 2017’s UFO Symposium theme: “Physical Evidence.” 
4/1 @ Sonoma Community Center!
  945AM: documentary (:13) Field of Vision
  10AM: Watchers 7 
  1-2PM Panel “The Physical Evidence” 
Stephen Bassett, Richard Shaw, Dr. Gordon Spear. Moderator: Dr. Joe Buchman

3/24-26: UFOCon - UFOJim curated first UFOCon Film Fest; also joined in the fun at George Noory’s “That’s my UFO” game. Listen to Coast-to-Coast AM!

2/14-19/17: UFOJim @ UFO Congress.


Truth is an IrresiStible Force.

UFOJim @ 26th UFO Congress

L: Travis Walton - 2016 Sonoma Film Fest UFO Symposium speaker.

C: Authors, researchers Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden with UFOJim.

R: UFOJim with Director James Fox, a 2-time Sonoma Film Fest/UFO Symposium speaker, film director.


UFOJim & George Noory at UFOCon.

Listen to George - Coast-to-Coast AM 10PM-2AM weekdays in Northern California. Check for a station near you here.


Fall Lecture Series:

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10/9: Accepting the Unacceptable
The UFO Coverup
The Brookings Report
UFO crash on film
Alien Interview
Multi Aliens on Film (the real deal)
Why the Secrecy
Crop Circles: ET & science
The Making of a Crop Circle on Film
10/16: Moving Beyond the Unacceptable
Space station Moon
UFO Cattle Abduction on Film
Human Abduction by Aliens
Space Shuttle (STS-80) with ETs and an unbelievable performance
UFOs & Nukes
Night vision UFO watching
Disclosure: 12/17 UFO film footage
Discussing  "The Acceptable”