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UFOJim (aka Jim Ledwith) has been a Ufologist for over 45 years, researching UFOs and Extraterrestrials.

His investigative works includes interviews with retired military and defense industry personnel, and others associated with the genre. His extensive research encompasses England's Crop Circles, Area 51, Roswell, UFO conferences and on-going literature and internet fact finding.

For nearly 10 years, he has been teaching his UFO Series classes through Adult Education, Rotary Clubs and other organizations – domestically and internationally. 

Jim was instrumental in bringing the genre to the Sonoma International Film Festival in April 2011 -- the first international film festival showing documentaries of this subject matter in the world.  You can find Crop Circles:  Crossover From Another Dimension at UFOTV.com.

UFOJim's goal is to educate the general public about the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena. 

See what you think after you watch this excerpt from Crop Circles:  Crossovers from Another Dimension. 

It’s available at UFOTV.com.  The video below is a terrific Crop Circle photo album - which will take you to YouTube.


COMING in October: UFO Series

Back by popular demand at the Sonoma Community Center. Jim will be talking about NASA and the moon, abduction, crop circles II and much more!

Save the dates:

Oct 19   7-9PM

    “The Moon”

Oct 26   7-9PM

    “Day of UFO Disclosure”

Nov 2   7-9PM

    “Close Encounters of the 4th and 6th Kinds”

Nov 9   730-930PM

    “Crop Circles & Orbs”

More information and tickets available at the Sonoma Community Center - or email UFOJim to get on UFO’s email list. You don’t want to miss another event!

UFOJim “on the road 2011”: 

“Crop Circles:  Crossover From Another Dimension” on 7/14 on the Sonoma plaza.  250+ folks showed up for the free film and Q&A - sponsored by the Sonoma Film Fest.

UFOJim was spotting UFOs on July 9th, 7PM-Midnight, joining the  MUFON Marin/Sonoma group, lead by Ed Grimsley.

“AREA 51: Warning! Restricted Area - No Trespassing” was held on June 11, 2011.  For more information on Area 51, please contact UFOJim.