Alien concept: the return of UFO Jim

October 8, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

One way to earn the nickname UFO Jim is to investigate alien sightings for 45 years. Another is to take a birthday trip to Area 51 and be detained by ‘camouflage dudes.’

Yes, Jim Ledwith has seen a few things. And in his upcoming UFO Lecture Series, he’s telling all. As he has in previous appearances, including sold-out panels at the Sonoma International Film Festival, Ledwith welcomes doubters and devotees of all ages.

Tuesday, October 8: On The Road with UFOJim. Ledwith recounts tales from the field, including visiting crop circles in England and his visit to Area 51 — his favorite vacation. He’ll also discuss crop circles in Wiltshire, England, including when he requested, and received, a crop circle created to his specifications. Lecture includes a surprise guest who worked at Area 51!

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