UFOJim announces Fall lecture series

Jim Ledwith will give two lectures at the Sonoma Community CenterEntering Area 51 on October 8 and The Real Battle of Los Angeles 1942 on October 15.

UFOJim’s first fall lecture, “On the Road with UFOJim,” features two of his real hair-raising experiences:
— Area 51: where Jim will answer all of your questions, such as:
— How did Jim spend his 50th birthday?
— Did he escape arrest?
— Did he see a UFO or two?
ALSO, Jim has a surprise guest – someone who worked at Area 51!

Crop Circles: Those of you who know UFOJim, know he’s covered Crop Circles in many lectures. Now learn how UFOJim asked the crop circle makers to build a crop circle to his specifications.

Then on October 15 Jim will talk about the amazing events of 1942 when a UAP appeared over Los Angeles a year into World War II. All hell broke loose.