The UFO Jim Interview with the Sonoma Index-Tribune

UFO Jim by Robbi Pengilly

Image by Robbi Pengelly of the Sonoma Index-Tribune

The UFO Jim Interview with the Sonoma Index-Tribune

Chase Hunter, of the Sonoma Index-Tribune, interviewed Jim in last Friday’s newspaper. An excerpt:

“It was good that (Congress) did something,” Ledwith said. “What’s not good is the amount of information they probably gave us. I think maybe they gave us five percent.

“In his talk (coming up Oct. 25th), Ledwith hopes to share more of the 95% he fears Congress left out of its public discussion. As a researcher of UFOs for over 50 years and the author of several books on the subject, including investigative work interviewing retired military and defense industry personnel, Ledwith has gained an international following for his work — although, it remains unclear if the aliens are fond of him.”

Curious to learn more? Begin with reading the story in last Friday’s newspaper!