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The Phenomenon Returns

“The Phenomenon” returns to SIFF this March 25th at the Sebastiani Theatre for a complimentary showing.


The Phenomenon Gets a Big Endorsement

As seen on FOX News Channel in October 2021, Tucker Carlson asked “The Phenomenon” director James Fox, and expert Christopher Mellon (also in the movie), about the government’s efforts to …


UFO Jim at Rotary Club of Sunrise Sonoma

UFO Jim will be the featured speaker at Sunrise Sonoma’s Rotary chapter on February 15th, meeting starts at 7am. For Rotarians wanting to know what “The Phenomenon” is, if our …

Sand road with sign UFO/Alient is ahead

The UFO Lecture Series

Jim “UFO Jim” Ledwith brings his annual UFO lecture series to the Sonoma Community Center this fall in mid-October, benefitting the non profit community center. Here are the details on …


Close encounters of the Sonoma kind…

UFO Jim is back at SIFF with “The Phenomenon.” Read Kate Williams’ story in the Sonoma Index-Tribune on July 8, 2021, on Jim Ledwith’s Close Encounters of the Sonoma kind.