Close Encounters: – The Ariel School UFO Incident // 3D CGI Animation / Short Film

A new 3D CGI short film from Mac Mave Studios has already racked up more than 300,000 views on YouTube in less than 3 weeks. Depicting the The Ariel School UFO incident, which occurred on September 16, 1994, in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, the event is considered one of the most significant events in UFO history. Sixty-two students aged between six and twelve reported seeing one or more silver crafts descend from the sky and land on a field near their school. Some children claimed that creatures dressed all in black approached them and telepathically communicated a message with an environmental theme. This event quickly became one of the most famous UFO cases in Africa. Ufologists continue to cite the case as providing compelling evidence of extraterrestrial visits to Earth.

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